VectorGlobal Canada provides investment management and advisory services to many pension plans of various sizes with the goal of improving overall risk-adjusted returns.

We invest pension assets in accordance with investment policies that reflects prudent investment philosophies and beliefs, and in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIP&P) for the pension plans.

We comply with the SIP&P, and help develop targets which meet the goal of the pension plan’s long-term funding objectives while effectively managing investment risk through diversification across several asset classes.

We work closely with INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. in a program to monitor investment performance and assess how well VectorGlobal is meeting its responsibilities and obligations to pension plan clients. We regularly report on investment performance and risk management to Integris. The monitoring program helps to assure that VectorGlobal is prudently managing Plan assets and investment risk on behalf of plan members, in accordance with all relevant investment strategies and policies.

By working closely with Integris, VectorGlobal will continue to meet its primary objective to manage Pension Plans effectively and efficiently so that the Plans can deliver pension benefits as promised and remain affordable to members and employers over the long term.

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